Rev Safety & Statements

Health & Safety Statement & Additional Information

Our Discos are one of a few events in Ireland that allows minors to attend without being accompanied by a parent or guardian. The Terms and Conditions for the event are a guide for parents and attendees as to what to expect when one attends. We want our children, children from the locality and any other children coming to the Event to enjoy themselves under the supervision of Volunteers, Security & Gardaí.

It affords this age group a focal point to meet and socialize. We believe that in this social media era that it is vital for our children to be able to develop their person-to-person skills in a sheltered environment. We believe that this Event is an ideal opportunity.

We would encourage all parents to be actively involved in helping the child prepare and convey them t o and from the event. Cars are our preferred mode of transport – The driving, perhaps, can be shared between a few parents to facilitate the delivery and collection

**** Zero Tolerance Ts& Cs ****

>No smoking, no vaping , no alcohol or drug taken. If someone is ever caught doing these they will be brought to the duty of career where parents or gardai will be called.

>We recommend for you to personally drop your child to the disco 15/20mins before the doors opening or to know where they are an hour prior to the event.

> Any form of bulling, taking videos and uploading them without consent of the other person will be brought out to the duty of career where parents will be called.

>Your child can only use the seats provided they cannot sit on a ledge, counter top or steps. > All attendees must respect and obey instructions from all staff members. **********************************

Safety Statement


>Licensed Security Personnel’s 1:40 kids.

>Local Gardai on site or on standby for assistance

> Traffic controls the security will assist the gardai with the safety of all patrons crossing the road ( they will also inform you were to park prior and collecting the patron.

> Stewards monitoring the fire exit doors and fire alarms are not blocked, touched or tampered with by patrons

> Ticket Tellers will scan your ticket and you’ll be given a wristband you must wear this wristband at all times


>Duty of Career. (the duty of care of all patrons making sure all patrons leave with a parent if they need to go home via sick, refused entry for being under influence or any reason for a patron looking to leave, she will make sure all patrons are signed out

> Med Bay with qualified medic (most of the security also hold first aid if needed inside the disco area) All patrons who need assistance by med bay both parties will fill out a injury / illness report form and both parties will sign once everyone is happy for the patron to return to the disco or to be hande d over to the duty of career

>Full CCTV for security and safety.

> Bathroom Attendants ( Bathroom Attendants will be placed outside the bathrooms will restrict entry of 2-3 patrons each time, They will only enter every 15mins to maintain no hanging around in the bathrooms, they will only enter if called by a patron if someone is sick or needs assistance who will then inform security to have the patron brought to the med bay to the first aid and duty of career ,otherdutiesincludethe safetyofthepatronsenteringandleaving,makingsurethebathroomsare clean and tidy ( Female Bathroom attendant will have a bag of sanitary products that female patrons may require free of charge) Male Bathrooms attendants will instruct and carry out the duties above also Male – Male / Female-Female

> Fire safety Capacity is as follows:

Bweeng:400 /Attendeesfordisco300only

Cappoquin: 600 / Attendee’s for disco 400 only

Cahir 650 / Attendees for disco 550 only

This is for our own safety to allow plenty of space and ventilation All locations are for patrons standing

All staff & Volunteers are garda vetted

No one over the age of 18 are allowed to attend and will not be granted access to the disco while the patrons are inside

> We will have full disco lighting, lasers and full darkness please make sure your child knows this prior or if they are sensitive to fast lighting they should not attend. (No Strobe lighting will be permitted)

No Smoke machines or foam machines will be permitted in case someone has Ashma or breathing issues.

Please take this in mind if your child has issues with loud noises.

Please do not leave your car in the middle of the road while picking up. Please parents listen to the security the know the roads and know how to get the traffic flowing quickly for fast entry and pick up.