Welcome to Rev Discos Website.
Rev Discos is now Munsters only Teenage Road show offering a clubbing experience for the youth market since 2011 in form of a Teenage Disco.

This is one of few events that is allowed to operate with out a parent or guardian been present. This gives the attendee the experience of socialising in person with others there own age, a place they can be themselves and dance to the latest and greatest in what music has to offer, it’s a place to meet new people and build relationships & new friends.

We also entertainment on the night in a form of a dance competition, singing competitions to win super cool prizes along with monthly hosts from the TV, TikTok or YouTube.

We have offered our events to over 300000 teenagers over the past 12 years across multiple venues in Munster.

Our events are provided in a safe environment for teenagers to express themselves with socialising, dancing ,experiencing unique themed nights along with celebrity’s and amazing prizes.

We are well known in your area for how well organised our events are and how well looked after everyone is simply ask around for reassurance if you have a first timer with no older siblings or cousins that didn’t attend.
All of our staff have been with us since day one, all of which are licensed security staff, we have a duty of cater on site ,a qualified medics, guarda vetted stewards,bathrooms attendants that our outside awaiting for assistance with free hygiene products that maybe needed, to be cleaned and maintained to a safe manner male to male / female to female, traffic management before and after the disco and some of our locations have local guardai at the events or on stand by for safety for everyone.

Rev Discos have a zero tolerance approach to alcohol, drugs, bulling, harassment including taken videos of someone without consent etc any of this kind will be dealt with by our duty of carer who will inform the parents or guardai.

We will go the extra mile, safety is our number priority which makes us the market leader of Teen Events. For more about Rev discos, our safety protocols, tickets, refund policy etc check out our website www.revdiscos.ie

Rev Discos is Trading as Revolution Teen Events

Rev Discos is Trading as Revolution Teen Events