**Refund Policy and Ticket Information**

Please be aware that Ticket Tailor does not facilitate refunds for teenage discos, concerts, GAA matches, or any large organized gatherings.

**Refund Policy Overview:**

1. **Event Cancellation:** In the event of cancellation due to poor ticket sales, all attendees will receive a refund.

2. **Event Postponement:** If the event is postponed, tickets will be automatically transferred to the new date. Refunds can be requested in specific circumstances, such as the new date being unsuitable. Refunds will not be granted for those who change their minds or can no longer attend.

3. **Purchased Wrong Ticket:** If someone buys tickets to the wrong event and the event is not sold out, ticket transfers are possible. However, if the other event is sold out, refunds can be issued within 24 hours.

4. **Frozen Tickets:** Ticket Tailor has ended its freeze as of January 2023 but will honor any currently frozen tickets that need reactivation within six months from the disco date for one future disco.

5. **Deposit Tickets:** Deposit tickets are recommended for uncertain attendance but are non-refundable under any circumstances.

6. **Event Postponement Due to External Factors:** If the event is postponed due to issues with the venue or government restrictions (not caused by us), tickets will be put on hold for the next available date.

**Refund Processing:**

Refunds may take 3-5 working days, depending on your bank. The refund will be processed as an adjustment to the original transaction, not as a new transfer.

**Purchased Wrong Ticket Within 24 Hours:**

If someone mistakenly purchases tickets to the wrong event (not sold out), we can transfer the ticket. Refunds can be issued if the other event is sold out, within 24 hours.

For legal advice on refunds at events, please refer to [this link](https://www.ccpc.ie/consumers/2020/07/29/your-questions-answered-3/).

**Free Ticket/Bands:**

– **Free Ticket from Social Media:** Valid only for the current advertised disco. Contact us if unable to attend for a transfer to the next disco. Failure to notify prior to the event renders the free ticket void.

– **Band Won at the Disco:** Standard paper bands are valid for one free entry within three months. Contact us before ticket sale to secure your place. Rubber bands are valid for one year, granting free entry every month; contact us before ticket sale. Check the band’s expiration date.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with our refund policy.