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Fermoy Rowing Club

Welcome to the electric atmosphere of Rev Fermoy – where the beats are contagious, the dance floor has a bounce, and the fun factor is taken to new heights! Tailored specifically for teenagers in 1st to 3rd year, Rev Fermoy promises an exhilarating experience within the vibrant town of Fermoy in County Cork. Let’s dive into the details that make Rev Fermoy a standout event for young dance enthusiasts.

**Rev Fermoy: Unleashing Energy in Every Step**

Fermoy, Cork, serves as the pulsating backdrop for Rev Fermoy, a dedicated space for teenagers to revel in the joy of music, dance, and vibrant social connections. The event is crafted for students in 1st to 3rd year, ensuring a shared experience among peers who are at a similar stage in their educational journey.

**Location: Fermoy, Cork – Eirecode P61 YD96**

Located in the heart of Fermoy, Rev Fermoy is easily accessible to local teenagers and those from surrounding areas. The venue is set to amplify the youthful spirit of attendees, creating an environment where everyone can let loose and dance freely.

**Tickets & Disco Information: Your Passport to Teenage Revelry**

Acquiring tickets for Rev Fermoy is a breeze with our user-friendly Ticket Tailor platform. Secure your spot, plan your night, and anticipate the thrill of dancing on a floor that adds an extra bounce to every move. Visit [Rev Fermoy Tickets](https://www.tickettailor.com/events/revdiscos/) to ensure you don’t miss out on the fun!

**Social Media Connection: Follow the Beat, Stay in the Loop**

Engage with the Rev Fermoy community on social media platforms to stay informed about the latest updates, event highlights, and shared excitement. Find us on:

– Instagram: [@revdiscos](https://www.instagram.com/revdiscos/)
– Facebook: [Rev Fermoy](https://www.facebook.com/revdiscos/)

Connect, share, and immerse yourself in the anticipation as the dance floor in Fermoy awaits its young enthusiasts.

**The Unique Dance Floor Experience: Adding a Bounce to the Beat**

Rev Fermoy introduces a dance floor like no other – a floor with a bounce that elevates the entire dancing experience. Engineered to provide a dynamic and fun feel factor, the bouncing floors at Rev Fermoy turn every dance step into an exhilarating move. Imagine dancing to your favorite tunes while feeling the rhythm reverberate beneath your feet, creating an atmosphere of infectious energy and joy.

**Why Choose Rev Fermoy?**

1. **Tailored for 1st-3rd Year Students:** Rev Fermoy is designed specifically for teenagers in 1st to 3rd year, ensuring an age-appropriate and shared experience among attendees.

2. **Accessible Venue:** Located in Fermoy, County Cork, the venue is easily accessible to local students, fostering a sense of community and inclusivity.

3. **Bouncing Dance Floors:** The unique dance floors at Rev Fermoy set the event apart, offering a playful and dynamic element to the dancing experience.

4. **Effortless Ticketing:** Secure your spot with ease using Ticket Tailor, making the ticketing process straightforward and convenient for attendees.

5. **Social Media Engagement:** Follow Rev Fermoy on Instagram and Facebook for real-time updates, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and a connection with fellow dance enthusiasts.

Rev Fermoy is not just a disco; it’s an immersive experience where every beat, every dance move, and every shared laugh contribute to a memorable night. Join us at Rev Fermoy – where the dance floor comes alive, and the joy of teenage revelry knows no bounds!

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