Patron Rules and agreements prior to entry

I hereby consent to my child attending your event and I make the following commitments and agree to all points by paying the deposit or purchasing the ticket online from rev website or eventbrite using my Visa card.

I also have confirmed with my child and told him/her to be on their best behaviour:

I know that this event must by Law be alcohol free and drug free, and I agree that those who organise and supervise this event may take all reasonable steps including CCTV use and random breathalyser testing to ensure that it is drug and alcohol free. I also accept that any person attending deemed under the influence will be ejected from the event without refund and I will be called, if I’m uncontactable my child understands that the gardai will be called.

> I will instruct my child and I will exercise appropriate control to ensure that he or she will not consume any alcohol ahead of, on the way to, or while attending your event.

>I will be personally involved in organising the travelling arrangements for my child going to and returning from the event and I will be present when he/she returns home.

>I accept that, as organisers and supervisors of the event, you may at any time, in your absolute discretion, cancel any ticket sold, or refuse admission on the night and that you may ask any child to leave the event and not to come again.

> I confirm that I will be contactable by mobile phone while my child is travelling to and from your event, and while he or she is attending your event and I agree that I will collect my child promptly from your venue, if requested to do so by phone or text.

> I agree that there is no safe or acceptable level of drug use by any person under the age of 18 years.

> I am aware that drug use is a criminal offence. I acknowledge that if my child is found using or in possession of any drug, I

will be required to accompany my child to the Garda Station for interview and to any Court hearing which may follow

Myself and my child understand that any form of violence physical or verbal will not be tolerated, if this is found or witnessed by rev staff my child will be ejected from the disco and I will be called, if it’s a serious act of violence such as assault the gardai will be called and I will bring my child to the Garda station. I understand this is a civil matter and my child understands that I will be liable for all expenses that may Accor due to this act such as medial, dental or legal expense. My child will not be allowed back to all future events if gardai get involved and this cannot be resolved between the minors and parents.

> I have told my child that if anyone bully’s, assaults, touch’s, mocks or make my child feel uncomfortable thst they will inform security or staff straight away, because of the loud music,As  it’s dark and crowed security may not see this happening

> I have told my child to be aware of the dos and Dont’s, to act as they normally do at home for example no throwing water around the venue or at others, no throwing objects of any kind, no messing, no jumping on people’s backs, no acting the clown, no running around the place, no breach of health and safety where you put others in danger such as setting off the fire alarms, smoking in the bathrooms, touching or removing safety caps no touching of any equipment or electrical wiring, no standing or disrespecting the venue.

My child understands they i am liable for any damage caused to the venue, equipment etc

> I have told my child to help staff of rev to keep it up to the highest standards for health and safety such as if you see a wet floor, inform a staff member straight away, someone been assaulted, something after falling or come loose, a trip hazard, someone verbally or mocking another child etc

I have told my child to listen to rev security, stewards, staff and the gardai as they are there for the safety of my child and others.

> I have told my Child if they wish to leave to contact rev security or staff who will bring them to the duty of carer who will contact myself or a guardian to pick up the child. The child must be signed out before 10.30pm and must not walk out

We understand you and your child may obey everything above but this has to be put in writing due to the dying industry with discos closing every single week due to ridiculous Law suits due to self awareness.

By obeying this it will keep rev opened for future generations