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******Rev Questions & Answers ****

Some questions Frequently…

1.Where can I Park?

Please arrive 15mins prior to doors opening (for cahir if you wish to get a parking space on the street close to the entrance, other else the car park at the back of the hotel and at the end of the hill,If car parks are full please don’t stop in the middle of the road or park on yellow lines. The guardai are monitoring the road and square, They are issuing fines to those who obstruct the road. Security will keep the traffic flowing so you can do a a fast drop off or a fast pick up ) for Bweeng the car park may fill fast please listen to security who will be directing traffic you can park outside or next door if the car park is full) For Cappoquin you can park inside the car park out one side please note one way system in place) for all discos please listen to security and guardai directing traffic

2. Is there somewhere to get drinks?

Yes there will be a mineral bar.

3. Is there somewhere to leave your coat/ belongings?

Usually we have a cloak room but because of Covid we recommend you to bring only what you need, if it’s raining we will have an area separate to the disco so you can hang your jackets separately. Please leave school bags, expensive make up bags/jewellery at home.

4. What age is the disco ?
This current disco is for first year & second year students.

5.Is there a First Aid?

Yes, at all times,along with a duty of carer (any child attending that may need to bring medication can contact us.

6.Is there security?

Yes, Local Guardai at the door or around the square ,We have Fully licensed PSA male & female security team & Stewards.

7.Can the kids go outside?

No -unless a parent or guardian picks them up at the door and signs them out, no sign out is required after 10.40pm…there is an outdoor area under Gazebos which is monitored with security, if a child wants to go outside for fresh air or to make a phone call they can do so while accompanied by security.

8. Can my Child bring Chewing gum, red bull/ monster?

No. they are not allowed chewing gum or to bring any bottle drinks inside the disco except if it’s for dietary purposes. No stimulant drinks are permitted on the premises.

9.Are the guardai inside?

No the guardai are not inside, they sometimes are around or will pop up to make sure all is running smoothly.

10. Is alcohol Permitted?

Absolutely not, anyone suspected will have their parents notified straight away or handed over to the guardai if parents are uncontactable.

11. Are parents allowed in?
No. Our child protection policy states no one over the age of 18 is allowed into our discos unless you are involved in the disco.

12 Are staff Guardai vetted?

Yes all staff who hold a PSA License who go through an intense background check, guardai vetting check, training & courses to get this license our stewards are all guardai vetted every year.

Some more useful information…

Our bathrooms are sometimes attended outside to control numbers, make sure everyone uses hand sanitiser, keep the bathrooms clean & tidy & finally if any products are needed just ask the attendant (e.g toilet roll etc) male for the male and female for the female bathrooms ALWAYS.

Because of the location of the disco we recommend those to car pool with each other to cut down on the traffic, no child is allowed to leave with out a parent/ guardian signing them out. A child can only leave 20 mins-half hour before the disco finishes.

We have phones that the children can use if they want to go home early or need to arrange a lift home, staff will not leave until every child is picked up, never worry about being late for your child, we are there cleaning up for another 30 minutes anyway, just incase your car breaks down etc.

Our number 1 priority is the safety of all kids. To run safe and secure discos for the kids to have fun, socialise and dance in a safe manner.

We have been operating Rev Discos in Cahir since 2013… ask around if you need too but we are 100% confident in how these events are run.

If anyone has any questions or concerns feel free to contact us via Mail on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Email.

Thanks so much for reading….

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