It’s with great sadness that we have to announce, that we have been left with no choice but to postpone the discos for next week… until we get further official clarity from the government, in relation to under 18s events which the government has failed to clarify tonight!

We believed the government that October 22nd would be freedom day, after a hard 19 months of being closed and surviving the worst, to be knocked back again.

We cannot operate with Covid passes as most of our attendees only have one or no jabs, (WE DONT EXPECT MINORS TO BE VACCINATED) the government also requires everyone to have a valid identification to match the Covid cert, but lots of minors do not have any ID. We thought track and trace was enough..

We do not want anyone to feel the pressure of bringing all this with you to a disco…

We have requested antigen testing to be used for those who are not fully vaccinated but the government are not having any of it…….

We have contacted the HSE, HSA, Our TDs, & the Guardai and they all have agreed it is impossible to operate a disco under the current restrictions. Guarda are running spot checks to venues this weekend to enforce the Covid passes and shutting down venues who are not compliant so we cannot even operate antigen testing off our own back.

With the continuing social distancing on the dancefloor it would mean only 20 teens can dance at a time without masks.

With the confusion over mask wearing it means you have to wear a mask entering and leaving… but do not need a mask eating, drinking & dancing. But wear a mask going to the bathroom ??
A lot of the guidelines do not make sense.

We will be contacting Minster Cathrine Martin Monday morning explaining how is it possible to run a teenage disco with these new restrictions?

By postponing through no fault of our own all the tickets will be frozen and valid for the next event.

Our next disco which were hoping to have confirmed by next week once Minster Catherine Martin clears up some rules….

For those who did not read our refund policy prior to purchase, click our website and go to refund policy to see what’s happening next

We apologise from the bottom of our hearts, we were under the impression as the same as everyone else in our industry that we were free to open/run from
The 22nd… this is out of our hands and comes down to our government and this shit show.

Click the link to view the guidelines

We have our fingers crossed that they will abolish all restrictions in a few weeks….