Ticket assistance

Q. I did not receive my ticket ?
A. Your ticket comes as a pdf file straight after you recieve the purchase confirmation& it sometimes might go into your spam folder, But if you do not recieve within 2 hours please contact our whats app team.

Q. My phone is broken, my phone has died, I lost my email address, cannot find my ticket etc?

A. Do not worry! As all tickets are manually downloaded so our scanners can check you in at the door without a ticket by using the booking name or booking email. Please don’t share this information with any other attendee.

Q. I put my own name on the ticket and not my child’s name?
A. Do not worry since covid restrictions are lifted ticket names don’t matter – a valid ticket is still an entry.

Q. I received my ticket but no qr code ?
A. If your internet is poor or your phone is not pinged it can cause your ticket not to download properly, But if this happens log on to a new device and download it from this or put your phone on airplane mode – swipe up to close all apps, turn off airplane mode – swipe down on your emails to refresh and your ticket should appear.. if this does not happen contact what’s app or you can manually check in on the day.

Q. I bought a ticket off someone else can you verify it’s real?

A. Although we would prefer you not to buy second hand tickets as we cannot guarantee entry… If someone is selling a ticket the seller can what’s app us and request the ticket to be transferred into the new owners name and email address this verify the ticket will work 100% for you… but buyer beware.

Q. I bought a deposit ticket how do I pay the balance ?

A. Balances of deposit tickets can be paid on the night via cash, card & revolut (please note internet signals can be poor in some venues so cash is preferred)

Q. I bought an extra ticket by mistake or purchased the wrong location?

A. If you purchased an extra ticket or the wrong location we can refund you if we are notified within strictly 48 hours of the purchase- please do not wait until the day of the disco as we will not assist you then..

Q. My ticket is fake?

A. If you purchased a fake ticket you will not be granted entry & gardai will be notified and they will deal with the matter.

Q. My daughter or son was in the disco for a half hour and didn’t like it or was refused entry as they were under the influence and was sent home..

A. Ticket tailor our ticket partners have updated there policy’s and state refunds are now only issued if the event is cancelled or rescheduled.

Q. My child won a Rev Band for free entry what is this ?

A. Our Hosts or DJs will give away Rev wristbands on the night of the disco & this grants the attendee 1 free entry to any Rev discos in ireland that we operate. The band is valid for 3 months from the date of issue.